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Skegby Junior Academy

Physical Computing - Crumble Kits

At SJA, we use Crumble Kits as part of our physical computing lessons. The children across all year groups will use the kits as part of cross curricular projects in the summer term. Children will create things such as police cars with authentic flashing lights, working traffic lights, carousels and a burglar alarm! 


Year 5's showing fantastic teamwork, creating their Crumble set up for their carousels. The children used a motor in their circuit. 







Traffic Lights 

To make the traffic lights, these year 5's used 3 sparkles (LED lights) and a switch. The program for this circuit was quite complex and understanding the sequence of the traffic lights was trickier than we thought!

Burglar Alarms 

Year 5 and 6 created burglar alarms using the sensors, sparkles and buzzers! They designed, created and evaluated their products. The code they created for this project was very complicated as it needed to include three crumbs (extras in the crumble circuit). This was a cross curricular project involving not only computing, but D.T and maths. 
















Police Cars 

Year 3 and 4 programmed lights to go into a police car using the crumble kits. They created an algorithm which made the lights flash alternately red and blue. They then placed the crumble circuits into a paper net of a police car. Some children even managed to add a buzzer to their circuit to create a 'siren' for their police car.