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Skegby Junior Academy


Our Learning Challenge Curriculum

This scheme of work has been developed to ensure that there is full coverage of the new National Curriculum. It follows the programmes of study for each year very carefully and provides the right balance between using History and Geography as the main drivers and ensuring that creative and expressive arts get a fair representation across the curriculum. In Science children will be working scientifically and learning scientific facts.

Each set of Learning Challenges then links directly to the history, geography and science knowledge, skills and understanding to ensure that learning is progressive and continuous.

There are links either creative or expressive arts into each learning challenge so that there is breadth and balance in the coverage as a whole.

The initial or main questions outlined in the examples that follow are obviously the starting points for you to consider. The ethos that underpins the Learning Challenge approach requires teachers to check on what children already know and then invite them to think of their own questions. This approach is still highly desirable but teachers need to ensure that they are meeting the National Curriculum requirements.

Each Learning Challenge has a suggested ‘wow’ factor and its own suggested reflection. By using these you will get a more complete level of challenge for the pupils.

You will also note that every opportunity has been taken to help children apply literacy and numeracy skills where it is possible to do so.

Finally, every attempt has been made to bring geography, history and science to life by taking starting points from the children’s context. In this way it is hoped that these subjects will be viewed as exciting and interesting as well as fun.