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Special Educational Needs

We strive to cater for the individual needs of all children at the Skegby Junior Academy; books newthose with learning difficulties as well as those with special talents.  Staff support children both within the classroom and in small groups. As Special Needs Co-ordinator,  I work with the Support Assistants who work alongside the classroom teachers or work with individuals or groups of children, both in or out of the classroom. The Academy is justly proud of the efforts and energies we take to support children who have special educational needs.

Every teacher works towards pupils achieving their full potential by adjusting expectations and support for children, but there are specific cases where Individual Education Programmes are necessary.

With this in mind, all teachers work closely with the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator assessing, developing and monitoring work programmes.  Parents are kept informed of work programmes and are encouraged to become involved in helping their children whenever possible.

A copy of the full Special Educational Needs Policy is available on our Policies page or by request from the Academy office.

Click on the links below to view the Academy Information Report, the Local Authority Local Offer and the Academy Accessibility Plans:

Academy SEN Information Report

Nottinghamshire LA Local Offer

Accessibility Plan

Improving Curriculum Access


Miss Sally Richardson
Special Needs Co-ordinator